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Zirconium – Empress Crowns

Crowns (porcelain veneers) are made in cases where filling can not be done in the excessive destuction of the teeth. Porcelain crowns are available for more aesthetic applications, such as empress or zirconium veneers.

– Empress crowns, porcelain as a substructure to the bottom of the porcelain is applied by making. Empress cowns are more aesthetic and thinner than standard crowns (metal-reinforced crowns). However, because it is more fragile, it is preferred only for anterior restorations.

– Zirconium crowns are the use of zirconium material as a supporting structure under the porcelain. It is more aesthetic than metal-reinforced crowns. However, the thickness is not as thin as the empress crowns. Zirconium restorations are therefore easily used in the posterior area and in the construction of porcelain bridges.

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